Why Visiting Your College Campus Is Important!

Why Visiting Your College Campus Is Important

Applying to college can be one of the most exciting part of your life. Visiting is a whole other experience!

Physically visiting your campus can really help you understand what your college experience will look like. From walking around residence to managing your time in the library between classes all the way to where you’ll be eating lunch with classmates. Getting a feel for the campus before making that decision goes a long way.

Get A Feel

It can really help you understand the social environment of your college and what comfort zone fits best for you. For example, are you a early morning riser? Want to get your workout in before class? Go see for yourself how much time you will need to get from the gym to the classroom. What extracurricular activities or clubs are available? Is there a student union? These are all important things to keep in mind when you are visiting.

Visiting a campus not only allows you to experience your campus life, you may also have the opportunity to take part in workshops. Thats right, a first hand opportunity to go through a college class setting before even accepting your offer…How sweet is that? Want to know what your room will look like in residence? If you are deciding to stay in residence this will be a great opportunity for you to really visualize your work setting.

The City

Lets be honest here, not every single waking minute will your time be spent around campus. You’re going to want to do something else aside from school and it’s healthy to have a good balance of work and fun!

Want to know what else there is to do? Go explore the city! Check out what kind of nightlife the city has to offer. Find out what new food, shopping, concerts and other exciting nightlife that you can be a part of off campus. It’s important to explore because the city will be your home for the next couple of years and you don’t want to be glued to a seat in the library all the time.

If You Ask, They Will Answer

You can only get so much information from the website or from blogs regarding information about the campus and your program specifics. The luxury of visiting the camps allows you to ask direct questions with students, faculty and staff. Front-line information that can really help you make the right decision. A couple questions to keep in mind are:

  • What are the class sizes like?
  • I don’t have a car, is there public transportation available to me?
  • Is there a food plan?
  • Is residence guaranteed?

These are just a few common questions we get asked here at Study North. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to ask what you may think is a ridiculous question!

Make the best of your visit and take full advantage of the campus while you’re there. Choosing which college to attend can be a daunting task, take the time to ensure yourself you’re making the right one.

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