Collège Boréal offers a large number of programs and services to students and to the general public. The Sudbury campus includes a resource centre, state-of-the-art laboratories, modern classrooms, a student learning centre, a sports centre, a daycare, a student lounge, a computer and audiovisual assistance centre, a residence, a concert hall, a studio, a pub and employment services.

Collège Boréal offers programs in five schools of study:

  • École de l’environnement et des richesses naturelles / School of the Environment and Natural Resources
  • École des métiers et des technologies appliquées / School of Trades and Applied Technology
  • École des affaires et des services communautaires / School of Business and Community Services
  • École des arts / School of Arts
  • École des sciences de la santé / School of Health Sciences

Collège Boréal provides high quality personalized education and services to a diversified clientele and contributes to the development and growth of French communities throughout the province. Since opening in 1995, over 13,000 students have graduated from Collège Boréal.


Collège Boreal’s is located in peaceful surroundings near a walking trail on the south side of the campus, just steps away from the cafeteria and student services. All suites feature separate bedrooms with a double bed, a closet, and a work desk. Each suite has its own private three piece bathroom and a kitchenette. Common spaces include a multipurpose sun-filled lounge for reading and relaxation, a modern kitchen, and a laundry room. Here, students can benefit from a pleasant and safe living environment at an affordable price while having access to a number of social activities, cultural events, and educational programs.

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Financial Aid

  • Government Financial Aid
  • OSAP
  • Grants
  • Garantie Boréal
  • Bursaries


Student Services

A dedicated team of professionals is committed to offering you a wide range of services to facilitate student adaptation and integration. Individualized services are also available to ensure academic, personal, and professional success.

  • Mentoring and tutoring services are available.
  • Students have access to health services provided by a nurse practitioner.
  • Our Employment Centre (Centre d’emploi) provides Collège Boréal students and graduates job search assistance and tools.
  • Collège Boréal’s dental hygiene clinic provides students with preventive treatments under the supervision of registered dental professionals at reasonable prices.

About the Community

A great place to live, learn, and explore!
The City of Greater Sudbury is 3,267 square kilometres
in area and contains 330 lakes. The city is home to approximately 160,000 people and is a multicultural and truly bilingual community. In the 2006 census, over 27 per cent of people living in Greater Sudbury reported French as their mother tongue and almost 39 per cent of people identified themselves as being bilingual. Greater Sudbury is also a cultural hub in Ontario and is frequently visited by nationally and internationally renowned artists. Greater Sudbury is a safe community and, in a recent study conducted by Statistics Canada, Sudbury residents are the happiest people in the country!

A Flourishing French Environment
The City of Greater Sudbury boasts a vibrant and active Francophone community and is home to several French organizations including Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, La Nuit sur l’étang, Éditions Prise de parole, Radio-Canada, Le Voyageur, Le Loup-FM, ACFO du grand Sudbury, Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury, and Contact intercultural.