Tips to Help You Choose The Best College

With the May 1st deadline to accept your offer of admission to college fast approaching, you might be wondering what you can do to help make a final decision that is good for you. Below are some tips to help you choose the best college for you!

1. Check out the campus of each of the colleges you applied to
You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it right? Or a pair of shoes without trying them on? This is the same for colleges. How will you know if a college is right for you without checking out the campus? If you’re someone who loves to be outdoors and appreciates nature, then you might love a college that has a lot of greenery surrounding the campus. If you’re someone who loves the city, then you might love a college that is surrounded by tall buildings and lots of people. Visiting your college campus is very important in helping you decide which college you’ll ultimately attend. Many colleges are having open houses this month and holding campus tours, so be sure to check all of them out!

2. Make a list of pros and cons for each school you receive admission to
When it comes to your college campus, what’s a deal breaker for you? Does the school you want to study at need to have a spacious library? Does it need to have a variety of healthy food options for those days you want to buy your lunch? Do the living accommodations and residence need to be up to date? This is something you need to think about because you’ll be spending a few years there, so you need to make sure you love your campus.

3. Decide what your perfect classroom size is
What does your perfect classroom size look like? Are you looking for large, lecture hall type of classes where you can go to class and do your thing? Or are you someone who benefits from smaller class sizes with the opportunity to make close friends? Class sizes depends on where your college is located. For example, colleges located in Northern Ontario tend to have smaller class sizes where you can feel more like a student, rather than a number in a large lecture hall.

4. Talk to graduates and alumni from the school
The best way to help you make your decision on which college to pick is to speak with those who have graduated from the school. Graduates from the college will be able to share with you their personal experiences, what it was like to be a student at the school, and how much fun they had. This valuable advice will be sure to help you choose the best college for you!

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