Why You Can Benefit From Study Groups

Why you can benefit from study groups!

It’s crunch time. We have all been there, the dreaded exam season. By now you’re hunkered down with your textbooks and notes ready to get rolling on studying for your exams. Everyone has their own ways of studying.

From flash cards to a portable whiteboard, to even a 10 hour long video of the soothing sound of a stream of water in the woods…(it worked for our recruiter Cam), everyone has their own way to study.

Often times we look past study groups because we expect them to be a waste of time due to the procrastination of everyone re-living their weekend or rambling on about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones or whatever… Nothing gets done, nothing stays in your head.

We are here to tell you that with the right classmates, you can benefit from studying in groups. Here are a few benefits to look forward to:

Kill the procrastination

Procrastination. The root evil when it comes to studying. We all become distracted and can’t seem to focus on the task at hand. Maybe you want to clean the kitchen, do the laundry or make your dinner early so you can study later? The list goes on…

When you set a time and place to meet with you study group, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Studying, nothing more, nothing less. Gear up and get ready for a couple of hours of new notes, questions and review.

Learn Faster

Studying alone you can often find yourself hitting a point where you cannot focus on the next chapter or you can consistently read it to try and understand but have no luck.

You may find beneficial with classmates who are able to read ahead and understand the next chapters. Assigning chapters can cover more of your review allowing everyone to get the proper review covering all materials. Rather struggling with a certain chapter, you may have someone in your group that understands it explain it to you and vice versa.

Improve Your Notes

The thing about studying or writing exam reviews is that you will not always cover everything. You may think you know everything but there will always be something that you missed. Sharing notes in groups will not only help with your preparation but will help fill in the blanks of any missed notes from a lecture.

Social Skills

Not a people person? Struggling with public speaking? Studying in groups will help get out of your comfort zone and help you with your people skills.

Allowing yourself to be exposed to a small group of people and practicing your social skills by explaining problems in front of a small audience can really help you gain confidence when it comes to presentation and people skills. After all, grades are not everything when it comes to getting interviews and a job. Employers want to see how you work in team settings and see what kind of a leadership role you possess.

These are just some quick benefits to consider when thinking about changing up your study routine. By the end of the day it is really up to you!