Why Smaller is Better.

When you choose your education, look beyond the college and into the classroom.

What is important to you?

  • Hands on education?
  • Education that gives you the skills to work in the “real” world?
  • How about professors who actually know your name?

When you choose to study at one of Study North’s six colleges, you aren’t only receiving a quality education from top ranking colleges in the province, your classes are small, most with less than 50 students. Why is this important?

You might receive hands on education at a larger college, but if the professor doesn’t know your name how are they able to help you or even have the time to give you the one-on-one assistance you are paying for? You might receive the skills that transfer to the “real” world, but if your professor doesn’t know who you are how are they going to be able to give you a raving reference that will get you your dream job?

When you choose one of the Study North colleges you not only received the one-on-one education that you pay for, but professors remember your name. When you need a reference they are there, a week, a month or even a few years after you graduate. You have a question after you graduate about a topic, email your professor, they will help you. Having trouble finding a career in your field? Email your professor they might know someone.

When you receive a quality education that gives you the skills, experience and even the connections to make it in the “real” world you will also agree smaller is better.