Applying for a Summer Job

After accepting your offer of admission to a Study North college, you’re now on your way to experience what Northern Ontario has to offer!  One of the things that you may have wanted to do before heading up North, is to save up enough money so that you can cover some of the expenses that you will incur during your time away from home.  How can you do that? Well, with a summer job!

Working a summer job can be a great experience because you get to work some really fun jobs and make some extra cash while doing so.

Check out some tips below to help prepare yourself when applying for a summer job.

Build a Stellar Resume and Cover Letter  

You can ask your guidance counselor to take a look at your resume, or you can attend a resume workshop at your local YMCA and the Centre for Education and Training. They hold free workshops where you’ll get help building your resume and cover letter to help get you that perfect summer job.

Make Connections

Are you a student who’s starting a skilled trades program in the fall? Perhaps you know of someone in your family that owns a business where you can help out part time and make some extra money during the summer.  Are you a future culinary student? Perhaps you can get a job in a bakery or a grocery store in the summer time. You can even make your own treats and sell them at events happening during the summer months in your city.  Starting a program that focuses on wildlife and nature studies? Apply to conservation parks as they have a number of openings just for students during the busy summer months.

Where to Apply?

Now that you have your resume and connections, there a number of resources available to you when applying for a summer job.  The Government of Ontario has compiled a list of programs, including the Youth Job Connection Summer where students could get a summer job that runs for 8 weeks. The requirements of this program is that students should be a resident of Ontario, between the ages of 15 and 18, and planning on attending postsecondary education like College.  To begin your application you must make an appointment with an Employment Ontario service provider which will then serve as a point of contact between you and the job you are aiming to get!  More information can be found here.