Tips to Tackle an Open House 

You open that car door and let out a big stretch. You’ve just driven three-plus hours and are ready to explore. You think to yourself, how am I going to decide if this is where I am going to live and learn for the next two to three years? At Study North, we have the tips, tricks, and tools to help you gather all the information required to make the most out of your open house.

  1. Before you’re even at the school ensure that you have registered for your open house. No one will turn you away at the door, BUT when you pre-register you get all the inside information and you can set up meetings with professors and more.
  1. Before you go, make sure you have registered for Study North’s Travel Rebate. You could be eligible for up to $250 to help cover your travel costs. Click here to register.
  1. Now that you are at the open house, sign in at the registration desk. They will let you know about any tours or other information that will be important throughout the day.
  1. Visit the Study North booth! This is where we can sign your letters for you to be eligible for your $250 Rebate.
  1. Meet with faculty. It is important to speak to faculty about what to expect with your program of choice. Ask as many questions as you want and ask them about their real world experience.
  1. If there are students available, talk to them about the program,  the professors and most importantly how the job prospects after graduation look. Or if you plan to continue your education, ask about any bridging opportunities, both within the college and with other post-secondary institutions.
  1. Visit the library. You are going to spend a lot of time there. Check it out, get the lay of the land. Meet the staff, they will be very helpful.
  1. Visit the cafe. Depending on your residence layout you might be eating a lot of meals there, so it’s important to get a “taste” of what your future might look like.
  1. Speaking about residence, stop by them as well. During your first year, you are most likely going to live on residence. This is where you will meet friends outside of your program and make some memories to last a lifetime. Not every residence is the same, so be sure to check out the different layouts and see what works best for you.
  1. Visit financial aid. School is expensive, and you want to know all your financing options. By talking to individuals at financial aid you will learn how to access your OSAP, when fees are due and you can even ask them for advice on bursaries and scholarship information – now who doesn’t want free money?
  1. Talk to the people you are on tour with and exchange contact information. It’s always great to have a friendly face when you move to a new city. Take this time as an opportunity to connect. Have fun and enjoy!

Don’t get stressed by the day. There is a lot of information to take in, but with these tips, you’ll have a good feeling about the best choice for your post-secondary education.