Top 10 reasons to Study in Northern Ontario

Amazing Education
Did you know that Northern Ontario schools have some of the highest KPIs in the Province?!!!

Individualized Learning
With smaller classes professors have the time to connect with you and give you the individualized assistance you require. We choose to have small classes. It is a common misconception that Northern Ontario schools have smaller classes because people don’t want to go North. This isn’t true, many of our programs have waiting lists, because individualized learning is in demand. You want to be a person not a number.

Fresh Air
Yes we have a lot of fresh air in Northern Ontario. It’s time to get away from those smog advisories.

Cost of Living
As a student you’re on a budget. Cost of living in Northern Ontario is less than many of the major city centres. It’s time to stop paying more than you need to and start saving, or reducing your OSAP loan.

Night Life
You may not think that Northern Ontario doesn’t have a lot going on, but there is. Don’t take our word for it, come explore to see for yourself.

People honestly care about one another in Northern Ontario. We want each other to do well. So don’t be surprised if you see someone give you a smile or say hello.

The Great Outdoors
You want trails? We’ve got them! You want lakes? You can walk to them! You want camping? We’ve got that too. We have ice fishing, stunning waterfronts, snowboarding, skiing and so much more.

The Great Indoors
From movie theatres to live theatres. Northern Ontario has options to make your spare time great. Are you interested in art? We have amazing galleries. Are you a foodie? Who isn’t? Find those hidden gems across Northern Ontario. Are you into Beer? The craft beer scene is huge in the North.

Isn’t that the goal? People who study in Northern Ontario get the hands on experience to get the jobs they want right out of college. Businesses approach the six Northern Ontario colleges about openings because they know they will get a highly trained worker – someone who is going to add value to their company.

Endless Memories
Never forget your experience with a high quality education from a Northern Ontario College. Create your own story by “Studying North”.