Summer in Sudbury 

We’ve all heard the jokes… You live in Sudbury? What does it feel like to live on the moon?

Obviously these people haven’t been to Sudbury in a while, and they are missing out!

This summer it’s time to enjoy all that Sudbury has to offer and prove all those jokes about the moon to be false!

Unsure of where to spend your time? Between the performing arts and entertainment, festivals, gaming, night light, museums and galleries, nature trails and beaches, and great restaurants that will excite even you most foodie of friends, you won’t be asking your self what to do, rather how can I fit it all in?

Sudbury has 23 festivals this summer! You can vote for the champion at the Downtown Sudbury Ribfest, try the new brew at the Elgin St. Craft Beer Festival, dance the night away at one of the numerous music festivals including the Budweiser New Must Fest or the Downtown Rotary Blues for Food. Like poutine they have a festival for that too. Have always wanted to participate in Pride? Pride week in Sudbury runs from July 9 – July 15, 2018.

With roughly 330 lakes in the vicinity, there really isn’t any excuses to be feeling hot this summer. With some of these lakes within walking distance from bus stops you can easily get to the lake for a dip to enjoy the water and cool off.

Now we mentioned food, but it’s time to take a closer look at Sudbury’s delectable food options. If you’re looking for a regular chain restaurant, we have that, but it’s time to look into those one offs that make Sudbury special. As a student you are probably familiar with choices such as Glorias, Laughing Buddha, Town House Tavern, Tucos Taco’s and even Porketta Bingo at the Beef N’ Bird. If you’re not,  go to Google, or whatever your search engine of choice is, and search for these RIGHT NOW. You have been missing out. Sudbury truly has food for everyone. Take this summer to explore some of the great options.

Like being outdoors? There are countless walking trails including the broad walk just outside Science North. You can participate in water sports or even sand up paddle board yoga! Now that’s impressive.

Want to camp? A great and inexpensive way to see Northeastern Ontario is to get in your car, pack a tent and find a campsite. Have you ever wanted to explore the Bruce Peninsula? Why not take the Chi-Cheemaun? This roughly hour trip will let you truly enjoy the views, plus you can bring your car, and is much faster option.

Whether you are looking for an evening out or a week long adventure there is always something to explore throughout the summer in Sudbury.