Understanding Your $500 Tuition Deposit

June 15, 2018 is a very important day! Do you know what falls on that day? No, not National Flip Flop Day, BUT the deadline for students to submit their $500 tuition deposit.

What is the $500 Tuition Deposit

This is the amount that all post-secondary students are required to pay for the Fall 2018 term in order to reserve a seat in their program.  Although you have already accepted an offer through OCAS, you still are required to make this payment as well.

Some Important things to note:

  • If you miss the deadline you will be required to pay a $150 late fee
  • You risk losing your seat in your program if you do not pay on time
  • The deposit is non-refundable
  • If you are a student that is being sponsored by a First Nation, government agency, employer or organization, make sure to provide the College with a letter confirming the sponsorship by June 15, 2018

How to Pay Your Tuition Deposit

The easiest and fastest way to pay your deposit is through your school’s online portal.  In most cases, you will be required to sign in with your username and password which are found on your offer of admission letter.

Another easy way to pay is in person at Student Services. If you have plans to visit Northern Ontario in the summer, why not stop by your school, take a tour and pay your tuition deposit so you have nothing to worry about! One recommendation would be to call in advance to find out your school’s operating hours and methods of payment they accept.

Let us know if you’ve paid your tuition deposit by tagging us using the hashtag #PaidMyDeposit