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Put “Study” and “North” together and you get a realm of possibilities!

When you see or hear the word “Study”, mixed feelings may arise, as well as haunting memories of countless hours spent buried in a textbook or staring at a computer screen. However, what happens when “North” comes up? Do you think of the culturally diverse communities encompassed by beautiful wilderness? Do you visualize the vibrant, […]

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Study North is more than snow!

Yes, It’s true, we get snow in Northern Ontario.  We won’t deny it. We also get rain and wind and sunny days, lots of sunny days. We have beaches, outdoor cafes, great shopping and restaurants,  and night clubs too.  We have short commutes and very little smog. We enjoy all four seasons with lots of […]

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The path to your future leads through Northern Ontario

Six colleges located in five cities offering hundreds of course options for a post secondary career, and one organization to guide you there.  Study North is a unique partnership of six leading Ontario colleges: Confederation College, Sault College, Northern College, Collège Boréal, Cambrian College and Canadore College. Study North provides students, parents, second career seekers […]

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Learn, Work, Live… Study North is in Your Future

Study North is more then a college education, it’s a college experience.  Study North is an opportunity to challenge yourself and to grow as a person.  It’s a chance to spread your wings and be away from home.  It’s meeting new people, making new friends, and learning new things while working toward full time employment […]

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