Study North Goes Beyond the Books

Yes, Study North will work with you to find the best college fit in one of our six Northern Ontario colleges. But we also have so much more to offer, and we’re not referring to the beautiful nature, exciting cities, great night live or delectable restaurants, but we have all of that too.

We’re referring to StayNorth! StayNorth is an employment matching opportunity for recent and soon-to-be graduates from one of the six Northern Ontario colleges.

What? You can’t believe that you’re going to get a fantastic education from a highly ranked school, experience all that Northern Ontario has to offer and receive free job matching assistance?

You’re right it is hard to imagine but it’s true. The Study North Initiative goes beyond the books, all the way to a career. But let’s be honest, we couldn’t let you fall in love with the North and then not help you make the North your forever home.

Once you accept your offer at one of the six Northern Ontario college you are eligible to register at and two to three months before graduation our Employment Liaison officer will work diligently to connect you with employers across Northern Ontario, based on your location and job interests.

It’s that easy, five to ten minutes is all it takes, so remember to Study North.