Congrats On Graduation – Now What?

Congratulations, you have done it! You have successfully completed your program of study and are now ready to enter the workforce. However, this is much easier said than done, and you might find yourself wondering: “How do I enter the workforce?” With so many resources for resume/cover letter assistance, job searching, and connections, where does on begin?

Your answer is easy- StayNorth!

As a graduate of one of the six Northern Ontario colleges, StayNorth is your one stop shop for information. From connections to resume assistance, job postings to introductory emails and so much more, our Employment Liaison Officer is ready to help you find the job of your dreams.

You will be sent as many jobs as we can possibly find. However, don’t worry if some aren’t for you. Just because we send you a posting doesn’t mean you are obligated to apply. But, if that posting is of interest, don’t hesitate to ask for resume and/or cover letter assistance.

Were you not successful with one of the jobs you applied for? Don’t worry, we have more! We call contacts, businesses, search the internet, and do everything we can to try and find career opportunities.

All you have to do to tap into this free service is register at

But don’t just take our word on how great this program is – meet Cameron.

Cameron is a graduate of Canadore College’s Public Relations program and a successful StayNorth student.

“As a soon-to-be graduate I experienced many of the same emotions most graduates do,” said Cameron. “How will I get a job? Will the job be in my field? Where do I start the search? But after a presentation by the Employment Liaison Officer to my class I knew where to begin.

“Since registering I received 18 job postings and although I wasn’t interested in all of them, I did applied to many. When one wasn’t interested I would let the Employment Liaison Officer know and she was then able to adapt her search. Thanks to her connections, I was able to secure a job at a marketing firm in my hometown of North Bay. Without her assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to land the job I currently have.

“The registration form was easy to complete, took only a few minutes, and the entire program is free – the right price as a student. I would recommend this to all graduates and soon-to-be graduates of the six Northern Ontario colleges.”

Don’t miss your opportunity; register today!