College: The right choice for you!

For anybody approaching their high-school graduation, the question of “what comes next?” can be a big one. Do I return to high-school? Do I take a year or two off? Do I begin an apprenticeship? Do I want to move away from home? One of the most stressful periods of secondary school is when post-secondary applications come along and their faced with one of the biggest decisions they have had to make in their life at that point: what do they do now?

However, the decision doesn’t need to be a hard one to make. Finding the right career/field may take time, but all you need to do is ask yourself what makes you happy, and usually you can go from there.

Then comes the question of where you want to go, and this can pretty much be broken down into a much simpler one: college or university? This can be a big one.

Which would suit me better; college or university? Well, where university is very theoretical and content-heavy, college is much more practical and hands-on. At college, the workforce itself will become the classroom. You will find yourself learning by interacting with real-world clients in settings identical to those you will find yourself in in your career. 

To better understand the perks of a college experience, we asked a few college students spanning fields like Graphic Design, Business, Dental Hygiene, and more, what they liked about the college experience. Here is what some of them had to say: 

“In my experience, college has always been a much more practical and hands-on approach and is mostly action and application.” – Tyler L, Digital Cinematography Student 

“We actually get to work on clients and get experience. Also the classes are smaller so you get to build a good relationship with your teacher and you get the one on one learning.” – Jayden D, Dental Hygiene Student

“I feel like I have more exposure to real world clients and spend more time developing interaction skills.” – Brady S, Graphic Design Student

At college, everything goes beyond the textbooks, and beyond a simple classroom, to provide the most practical educational experience, and nowhere is this more relevant than at the six Northern Ontario colleges (Confederation College, Sault College, Northern College, Collège Boréal, Cambrian College and Canadore College). Whether you are looking for quality, one-on-one learning, real work with real clients, or working in the atmosphere your career will have, college is the right path. 

A Study North, we know this better than anybody. We understand that you are looking for the best learning experience and we want to help you find that! 

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