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Why Go North?

Figuring out which program you want to study is the easy part. Where you want to study and call home for the next little while can be the challenging part!

If you’re someone who is up for an adventure, looking for a new opportunity, or simply trying to get away from Mom and Dad…then the real question is “why not go North”?

If you have a passion for exploring the outdoors, the northern lifestyle is right for you.

Northern Ontario colleges offer plenty of activities to keep you busy. From fall weekend campouts and colourful hikes to cross-country and downhill skiing or snowboarding in the winter, you will be able to try new things and have fun while away at school. You will most likely make lifelong friends and find new hobbies that you wouldn’t be able to do living at home.

Studying in Northern Ontario will provide you not only with fun filled adventures, but also a valuable life experience! From learning how to cook to managing your schedule with class time, there is nothing like discovering your true self!

It will be an unforgettable experience you can share with your friends and family back home. Using your free time to explore some of the iconic landmarks around the city will be perfect for the next Instagram selfie!

So again, the question is “why not go North”?

Some programs for Fall 2019 admission are still open! Check out the six Study North colleges to see which programs are still accepting applications for September on their each of their websites, or visit Ontario Colleges for more information.