Study North’s What To Pack Check List

Wow, it’s already nearing the end of July and you are just over a month away from making the big move from Southern Ontario to your college in Northern Ontario. 

Now we understand, you probably feel a little overwhelmed or even just wondering what do I pack and what should I buy?

Don’t worry Study North has your check list ready! But remember each dorm style is a little different so refer to the notes if the item applies to you. 

Sheet Set, Pillows and Comforter/Blankets
You need to sleep on something and to keep warm!

Mattress Pad
Mattresses are typically old and uncomfortable.

Mini Fridge
How many people are you sharing a space with? You want a spot to put some of your own food, snacks and drinks. Check with your individual dorm to ensure that you are allowed mini fridges.

Bathroom Basket/Carrier
No matter where you live, you are living with people you probably have never lived with before. If you live in a dorm you don’t want to keep everything in the shared bathroom. A basket/ carrier will be very helpful for toting everything with you.

Shower Flip Flops
When using a floor shared shower it’s important to have shower flip flops. Helps to prevent the spread of foot fungus.

4 Milk Crates
Is your bed low? Is there anyway to raise it? Milk crates give you extra storage under your bed. If you feel your bed is high enough don’t worry about these.

If your dorm doesn’t have A/C a fan will be heavenly.

Laundry Basket
It’s almost safe to say laundry facilities won’t be on the same floor as your room, and you will need to get your clothes down there some how.

Roll of Quarters
This seems odd but you will be thankful after the first week when you have to do laundry.

Drying Rack
This isn’t a necessary item, but it is super helpful. If you live with a group of people you may be able to share amongst the apartment.

Pots and Pans
You don’t need a lot, but at least one pot and one pan. If you have roommates you may all agree to share.

Plates and Cutlery
Once again, you don’t need a lot but a couple will help stock the kitchen.

Extension Cord
You don’t know the layout of your room yet, or where the outlets are. A couple extension cords will be your best friend.

A laptop will be necessary for classes and school work.

Not as necessary as a laptop, as you can print at the library, but you will pay per page and they typically aren’t open 24 hours.

Coffee Maker and/or Kettle
You’ve heard the stories of people pulling all nighters to get their project finished, or you might just not be a morning person. No matter how it shakes out, you will probably want a coffee maker and/or a kettle. If you’re sharing a space collaborate with your roommates.

Pictures, Posters and Decorations
Your dorm is your new home. You want to make it comfortable for yourself. This means brining whatever makes you feel like home.

You need a towel to dry off.

Depending on your dorm set up, you may not have a TV of a floor common space. Or if your floor does have a TV you might want one in your room.

Cleaning Supplies – Mop, Broom etc.
Depending on your dorm set up, you might be required to bring your own cleaning supplies. Connect with your roommates and share the responsibilities.

You will want to bring your pieces of ID.

Desk Lamp
Those florescent bulbs can really hurt the eyes. Having an alternative on your desk can help with your studying.

Kitchen Supplies – Toaster, Blender, Cutting Board, Can Opener, Strainer Dish Rack etc.
Any item that you can’t live without. These are all items you can spilt with your roommates if you have some.

Plastic Containers for Under Your Bed
This will come in handy for extra storage. Your room will not have a lot of storage she something that fits nicely under the bed will be very helpful.

Note we didn’t add in cleaning supplies, laundry detergent etc., as you will have to go for a grocery shop when you move into res anyways, so why not just pick it up then.