It’s Not Too Late to Apply to College – Part 1

Helping others brings a lot of joy to people.  A smell gesture such as holding the door for someone can go a long way.  Have you thought about a career where you are helping individuals in need?  

Maybe it’s time you considered a career where you can. 

But you’re probably thinking, it’s definitely too late to apply now that we’re in the summer months. 

Well guess what, it’s not too late to apply to some of the Study North Colleges.

We’ve put together a list of programs below for you to check out that are still open for Fall 2018. 


Recreation Therapy
Do you see yourself improving the quality of life for individuals that are living with an illness or disability? As a recreation therapist, you will be able to do this helping those living with mental, emotional, and social disabilities lead fulfilling and independent lives.


Personal Support Worker
Do you get joy from making sure individuals are comfortable, safe, and happy? As a personal support worker (PSW) you help individuals with their day-to-day life, some of which include administering medication, assisting with food preparation, and even shopping.

Aboriginal Communication Advocacy
Are you passionate about social justice? Do you want a career focusing on advocating for the Indigenous community? In this program, you will gain an understanding of historic social, legal and political issues affecting Indigenous-Canadian relations today.


Pre-Service Firefighter
First responders are an integral part of every emergency.  Firefighters perform a number of tasks during an emergency, from putting out fires and rescuing victims burning buildings, to assisting in other emergency situations.