Finding Your Way Around Your New City

Some of you may have a personal vehicle that you are bringing with you to college. This is just fine! You can purchase parking passes from your school and residence. More information can be found on each schools website.

Many of you may not have access to a personal vehicle and that’s okay too because each of the five Northern Ontario cities have great transit systems that are accessible to everyone. Canadore College and Confederation College both offer bus passes as part of their compulsory ancillary fees every full-time post-secondary student pays as part of their tuition. This means from September 1 to April 30 your student ID is also your bus pass.

If you’re attending Cambrian College or College Boréal in Sudbury, Northern College in Timmins or Sault College in Salt Ste. Marie, a bus pass is not included in your auxiliary fees however you can buy a pass that fits your needs. Click on each city for more information on transit fairs:




Sault Ste. Maire

Each city has a number of taxi services available as a great option when traveling after transit hours, such as early or late trips to and from the airport or bus depot.

Finally, you cannot forget that living in Northern Ontario means you have access to numerous walking trails and bike paths. If you’re living in residence you will also be close to all necessary amenities and campus so you can even walk to class, in under 30 minutes.

Whether you drive, bus, bike, or walk the one promise we can make is you won’t have to struggle through long commute times anymore. Smaller cities and less traffic really does mean more time to live, learn and explore.

Now that you know how to get around your new city I’m sure you’re wondering where you will shop or go on your downtime when you’re looking to take a break from your school work and enjoy your new city. Each city has great online resources to help you explore your city BEFORE you move so you can get a feel for what to do, where to eat and what to see. Click the city below to start exploring today:

Thunder Bay

Sault Ste. Marie


Haileybury (Temiskaming Shores) 


North Bay

Until then, why not tell us how you plan on getting around your new city?

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