Study North is more than snow!

Yes, It’s true, we get snow in Northern Ontario.  We won’t deny it.

We also get rain and wind and sunny days, lots of sunny days.

We have beaches, outdoor cafes, great shopping and restaurants,  and night clubs too.  We have short commutes and very little smog.

We enjoy all four seasons with lots of fun options for things to do, some of them even take place outside!

We are a lot like where you live, only without the crush of people everywhere, without sitting in traffic, without high crime rates, without it taking hours to enjoy nature, and without the endless miles of concrete towers. 

We are a lot like where you live and yet, we are so much better.

Study North is a unique partnership of six leading Ontario colleges.  It provides students, parents, second career seekers and guidance counsellors a quick and easy way to find answers to questions about all six colleges and learn out about life in northern Ontario.

Study North colleges are above average in graduate employment and satisfaction rates.

What are you waiting for?  There is life outside the GTA….a better one!


Our liaison officers are ready to help you select the best college so you can achieve your goals.

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