Meeting With Recruiters!

Meeting with College Recruiters

Whether you’re in grade 9 or 12, high school will be over before you know it and then you’ll be asking yourself “whats next?” 

Well if you’re lucky,  your school or a school in your city/town will be hosting a post-secondary fair, which means colleges and universities will be sending a representative or recruiter to attend your school for a couple hours so you can learn more about the programs they offer. Not a bad idea to attend right?

These recruiters are there to help you answer any questions you may have about post-secondary education options! By doing a little bit of homework on a particular school you are interested in can really help envision yourself being there.  Talking with the recruiter  in person will hopefully bring the dream to reality!

Here are some fun and quick questions you can ask when at the fair:

  • What ares of study do you offer? (hint: rather than asking them which programs they offer, tell them what you’re interested in the most from your current classes)
  • What do I need to get into a specific program?
  • If I move away from home, will there be residence available for me? 
  • If I am having troubles with my grades in high school and do not have GPA requirements for my program, what can I do? 
  • I am a terrible cook, is there a meal plan available? 
  • Are there any scholarships/bursaries offered?
  • I am a fit freak, are there gym facilities available on campus? 

Remember these recruiters could only be here for one night under the same roof, so make sure you take full advantage and get as much information as you can!