Life as a College Student

As someone looking to attend post-secondary education, you may be a little anxious and not know what to expect when you are considering attending college.  Below are some things that you can expect to experience as a college student.

You’ll Make New Friends

In your classes, you’ll make so many new friends from around the world.  If you end up travelling around the world one day, you’ll have a buddy to visit who can show you around!

You’ll Learn in Smaller Class Sizes

As a college student, you’ll get hands on learning in smaller class sizes…with some only having about 20 students in your class!  You’ll feel less like a number sitting in a large classroom, and more like a student.  Plus you’ll be able to make study buddies easier and you’ll have more opportunities to ask your professor questions.

You Can Join a Student Club

There are a ton of cultural, educational, and hobby related clubs run by students that you can be apart of.  If you don’t see a club that might interest you, sometimes you can even apply for funding to get your own club started. Or step outside the box and try something new!

You Can Attend an Event Held by the Student Association 

As a college student, you’ll have the opportunity to attend events held on-campus and off-campus.  This year Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie is holding Frost Week 2018. They will be providing students with hot chocolate and food, giving away prizes, holding a games night and providing discounted tickets to sporting events.

You Can Get Help During Exam Time

Ah Exams, the most stressful part of a student’s career.  Although this can be a scary time for a student, colleges offer services to help you get through it.  Canadore College in North Bay, holds an event where students can meet and pet a therapy dog.  During stressful times, therapy dogs can help provide comfort and decrease anxiety.

You Can Get an On-Campus Job

If you want to work and make some money while studying at college, you can apply for an on-campus job. Students can work in the library, the college’s gym, for the student association and much more.  Usually you would get scheduled to work when you have a break in your schedule.