How To Get Involved In College: Clubs Addition

So many books, so much to read, so much to learn….give yourself a break! College is an experience, growing not only academically but also personally.

Did you know that sports and classes aren’t the only thing you can get involved with at college? Try a club!

College clubs can help with personal growth, while giving you a break from your studies and an opportunity to meet new people. They are fun, allows you to try something new, hone in on a skill you currently have and meet like minded people.

Each college has their own set of clubs, from photography, to pride, to anime and more. Don’t see a club that interests you? Start your own. You can work with your Student Unions to create a new club.

Be aware clubs can be hard to find, keep your eyes open during frosh/ orientation week, as they are typically scattered around the school promoting themselves.

Missed them? Here are some links and contacts to ensure you don’t miss the fun.

Confederation College:

Thomas McDonald

[email protected]

Sault College:

Christine Morrow

[email protected]

Northern College: 

Northern College Student Associations 

Timmins Campus

Haileybury Campus

Collège Boréal:

Association générale des étudiants et étudiantes du Collège Boréal

[email protected]

Cambrian College: 

Campus Life – Events, Clubs & More

Canadore College: 

Canadore Students’ Council