How to get involved at College: Sports Edition

You’ve unpacked, settled in, and officially begun your College career.

Exciting right?

You’ve met your roommates and classmates, you’ve explored campus, and you’re getting to know the community that will be home for the next little while.

Orientation week is finally over and you’ve settled into a steady routine of classes and…  and, what exactly?

How about filling in blank spots in your schedule with some sports. If you played sports in high school it can be hard to give up the thrill of being on a team.  So don’t give it up, get involved.

Hockey, golf, soccer, curling, cross country or downhill skiing, volleyball and basketball, to name a few, are all available on campus and around town.  Whether you want Individual or team play, varsity or intramural, house league or community league, sports are a great way to meet new people and stay fit.

Getting sports activated isn’t as hard as you think.

Varsity sports start before the school year with training camps and tryouts. If you’re interested in playing varsity, call the athletic department well before your college year starts.  Maybe a scout will take in one of your high school games, or maybe you’ll show up for a walk on tryout.  Either way be ready to put on the performance of your life.

If varsity is an option, be sure to ask questions about scholarships, academic schedule flexibility, number of returning veterans, team morale, equipment costs, practice expectations, etc.  Make sure you can balance your school/sports workload.

If you just want recreational sports fun? Then intramural, house league or community teams are for you!

Your residence advisor can help get you involved with intramural sports. They may even ask you to join their team.  At a minimum they can point you in the direction of the athletic department so you can talk with a coordinator who will give you information to register/join a team, rules and regulations, uniform options, game locations, fees, and so forth.

Keep an eye on campus bulletin boards and social media for info about tournaments and pick-up games.  These fun games often get organized at the last minute!

Getting sports activated isn’t as hard as you think.

Whether competitive play or just for fun, enjoying yourself, meeting new people and staying fit and active are the main benefits.