Community typically describes a city or town, but community is also a feeling. When you are at home you have a community, of friends, family, neighbours; community is what makes home feel so great.

When you move away for school finding community can be difficult, but when you choose one of the six Northern Ontario colleges community is found everywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in sports, knitting, gaming etc., there is a community for you. Your small classes will give you the opportunity to know everyone by name. You make connections that can last a lifetime. Most importantly you aren’t just a number.

No one wants to see someone fail. That’s why community is so important, you have people to turn to to help you get through rough patches, both personally and academically. You also have people to help celebrate your victories.

There is nothing like the feeling of walking to class and saying hello to people throughout the hall. People know each other and people care about each other.

Be apart of a community, check out the six Northern Ontario colleges, apply today and #studynorth.

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