Apply, Apply, Apply!

You studied hard, you know your stuff and you can’t wait to move out of Mom and/or Dads to start college. But you missed the equal consideration date. This means that program you have been working so hard for might just be out of reach. You have grades better than half the applicants, but due to limited number of seats in the program, you missed your dream all because you forgot to submit your application by February 1, 2018.

Don’t let this happen to you… With only a couple weeks left until the equal consideration date, get your college application in today!

Visit If you have never applied through, click the Create an Account button and follow the directions. If you have then log in and get your application in. Make sure the Study North colleges are on you list!

Remember the key to success: Study hard, apply to one of the six Northern Ontario college by February 1, 2018, apply for the Study North Travel Rebate to visit one of the six Northern Ontario colleges and Study North.