7 Day Tips for Back to School 

If you’re reading this, you’re going back to school in 7 days! Can you believe summer has come and gone? Study North has got your back and we’ve put together 7 tips that you can follow to prepare yourself for the big day. 

Day 7 – Get a planner!
A planner will help you organize your life during a hectic year.  Once you get your course syllabus, you can spend the day at a coffee shop putting down due dates for assignments and scheduling study sessions for tests and midterms.  Get creative with it by using colours and stickers!

Day 6 – Get in the habit of eating healthy
Summertime means lots of ice cream, BBQs and yummy treats.  If you start eating healthy, it will prevent you from feeling sluggish.  You’ll have a lot more energy to help keep you going throughout the day and keep you focused when studying.

Day 5 – Save up money OR Save your Money Jar
Have you been working this summer? Have a part time job you will be working throughout school? Or getting an allowance? If you save even a little bit of money, you can treat yourself to something at the end of the year for putting in a lot of hard work during the year.  Christmas holiday on a beach sound good to you? 

Day 4 – Learn how to stay active
Since you’re sitting on your laptop anyways, why not watch some videos on YouTube on simple exercises you can do to keep yourself active.  Eating healthy and staying active are great ways for you to ensure you’ll be successful in your studies. 

Day 3 – Organize your backpack and school supplies
By now, we hope that you’ve purchased all of your school supplies (if not, go now!).  Don’t wait until last minute to pack your bag.  Binders, pencils, pens, white out, rulers, paper notebooks – these are just some of the things that you will need on your first day of school, so make sure you have them packed because you don’t want the stress of getting it together the night before. 

Day 2 – Pick an Outfit
You’ll be surprised to know that when you look good, you feel good.  Wear something that makes you feel confident.  When your confidence shines, you succeed!

Day 1 – Relax
Tomorrow is the big day! You may feel anxious, worried, stressed out. Take this day to relax.  Watch a movie. Put on a face mask. Play some video games.  Do a Netflix binge.  Go for a run or walk. Whatever helps you relax, do it!  It will also help you sleep because we all know how hard it is to sleep the night before school starts. 

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