Why Visiting Your College Campus Is Important!

Why Visiting Your College Campus Is Important Applying to college can be one of the most exciting part of your life. Visiting is a whole other experience! Physically visiting your campus can really help you understand what your college experience will look like. From walking around residence to managing your time in the library between [...]

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Why You Can Benefit From Study Groups

Why you can benefit from study groups! It's crunch time. We have all been there, the dreaded exam season. By now you're hunkered down with your textbooks and notes ready to get rolling on studying for your exams. Everyone has their own ways of studying. From flash cards to a portable whiteboard, to even a [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month in Northern Ontario 

February is Black History Month, and each year we honour and celebrate notable achievements, both past and present, within the African American community.  There are a number of events taking place where you can learn about important historical figures, current influential people and significant events related to Black history.  Sudbury On February 23, 2019, The [...]

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Why Go North?

Figuring out which program you want to study is the easy part. Where you want to study and call home for the next little while can be the challenging part! If you’re someone who is up for an adventure, looking for a new opportunity, or simply trying to get away from Mom and Dad…then the [...]

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The Equal Consideration Date, What Is It?

We just wanted to remind you that the February 1st Equal Consideration Date is fast approaching. What does this mean? It means if you apply after this date, Ontario Colleges will consider applications based on a first-come, first-served basis until programs are full. Take into account that “Highly Competitive Programs” are programs that receive more [...]

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Guidance Counsellors!

Guidance Counsellors! With your help, you can bring awareness and create interest among your students. Those students who are interested in applying to our 6 colleges, but have not had an opportunity to visit the campuses could qualify for our $250 Travel Rebate. The steps are pretty simple but they must sign up with Study [...]

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Community typically describes a city or town, but community is also a feeling. When you are at home you have a community, of friends, family, neighbours; community is what makes home feel so great. When you move away for school finding community can be difficult, but when you choose one of the six Northern Ontario [...]

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