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Archive for June 2018

Summer in Thunder Bay: Put Some Thunder Into Your Summer

Summer is here and you may be wondering how to spend you summer in Thunder Bay. We believe the real question is how are you going to fit everything into your summer in Thunder Bay?! Do you love the outdoors?  Thunder Bay is surrounded by breath taking outdoor opportunities for adventure. There is something for…

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Summer in Timmins 2018

You moved to Timmins for school and can’t decide if you should stay for the summer or head back home. If you enjoyed Timmins in the winter you are going to love the summer!  Are you interested in fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boating or camping? Timmins has kilometres of river systems to access, freshwater lakes for…

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Understanding Your $500 Tuition Deposit

June 15, 2018 is a very important day! Do you know what falls on that day? No, not National Flip Flop Day, BUT the deadline for students to submit their $500 tuition deposit. What is the $500 Tuition Deposit This is the amount that all post-secondary students are required to pay for the Fall 2018…

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Summer in Sudbury 

We’ve all heard the jokes… You live in Sudbury? What does it feel like to live on the moon? Obviously these people haven’t been to Sudbury in a while, and they are missing out! This summer it’s time to enjoy all that Sudbury has to offer and prove all those jokes about the moon to…

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