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Archive for March 2018

Tips to Tackle an Open House 

You open that car door and let out a big stretch. You’ve just driven three-plus hours and are ready to explore. You think to yourself, how am I going to decide if this is where I am going to live and learn for the next two to three years? At Study North, we have the tips,…

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Top 10 reasons to Study in Northern Ontario

Amazing Education Did you know that Northern Ontario schools have some of the highest KPIs in the Province?!!! Individualized Learning With smaller classes professors have the time to connect with you and give you the individualized assistance you require. We choose to have small classes. It is a common misconception that Northern Ontario schools have…

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Services for International Students at the 6 Northern Ontario Colleges

There are a variety of services offered for international students at the 6 Northern Ontario Colleges.  Check them out below! Northern College Annually, the college dedicates a week for domestic and international students to learn about Indigenous Culture.  This is a great way for students who are unaware of the culture to learn and understand…

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Cooking on a Student Budget

With the easy accessibility of getting a student meal plan and eating on campus, it can effect your student budget.  How can you make your own food when you’re sticking to a budget, and you lack time to make healthy meals? As a student, you don’t have to rely on eating Mac and Cheese and…

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