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Archive for January 2018

Life as a College Student

As someone looking to attend post-secondary education, you may be a little anxious and not know what to expect when you are considering attending college.  Below are some things that you can expect to experience as a college student. You’ll Make New Friends In your classes, you’ll make so many new friends from around the…

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How to Stretch Your Dollar as a Student

Budgeting and saving money is not as hard as you think – especially for students. Here are some things you can do to help stretch your dollar as a college student. Give Yourself a Budget Try limit using your credit or debit card and give yourself a weekly budget.  Food can be very expensive especially…

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Apply, Apply, Apply!

You studied hard, you know your stuff and you can’t wait to move out of Mom and/or Dads to start college. But you missed the equal consideration date. This means that program you have been working so hard for might just be out of reach. You have grades better than half the applicants, but due…

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