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Exam Study Tips

With exam season around the corner it is important to know your personal learning style and understand what the professors are expecting from you. No matter what style of learner you are it all comes down to retention. Try a few methods, test yourself – or get your roommate to test you - and see [...]

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Summer Employment

As a student you typically have four months of “summer,” which tends to be spent working and saving for the next school year. But how can you maximize your summer job? To start, let’s think about your future for a bit. Approaching and after graduation you probably want a career in your field of study. [...]

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How To Get Involved In College: Clubs Addition

So many books, so much to read, so much to learn….give yourself a break! College is an experience, growing not only academically but also personally. Did you know that sports and classes aren’t the only thing you can get involved with at college? Try a club! College clubs can help with personal growth, while giving [...]

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