Study North is a unique partnership initiative of six leading Ontario colleges.


Study North is about offering alternatives and options to your college education.

We know you are looking for a college with good education leading to a job opportunity. That’s a given.

But how about a college experience with more! One that will make you learn as much about yourself as you will about the program you’re interested in.

Each of these six colleges provide top notch diploma and specialized programs with high standards, smaller classes with great faculty so you’re known by name and not as an ID number.

All of the northern colleges have impeccable student / graduate satisfaction rates and high job placement after graduation.

The communities in which these colleges are located are clean, safe, vibrant, caring cities with low crime rates, great transit, shopping and dining, outdoor experiences, nightlife and other indulgences! And that’s not all.

Each college have competitive fees, modern residence facilities, useful student services, offer amazing financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries, and varsity and intramural sport options.

Application Dates

Early October 2019 Online Application Opens
October 15, 2019 Colleges Begin Receiving Application
February 1, 2020 Equal Consideration Date
February 1, 2020 Earliest Offers Issued
May 1, 2020 Deadline To Confirm Offers Of Admission
Mid-June 2020 Earliest Tuition Due Date

The application for programs starting Fall 2019, or Winter or Spring 2020 is now available. Go to and follow their simple instructions to apply and ensure one or all of the Study North colleges are on your list!

Download the Areas of Study chart for information about the programs available at the Study North Colleges.





The application for programs starting Fall 2019, or Winter or Spring 2020 is now available.